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Project Boost improves the health and fitness of at-risk youth by providing CrossFit training and nutritional education at no cost. A CrossFit strength and conditioning program is proven to teach self-discipline, confidence, and teamwork while offering a positive outlet for young men and women who have a higher liklihood of an undesirable life outcome.

The percentage of low income youth in Brockton, MA is more than twice that of the state average at nearly 71%. Even the high school graduation rate is lower at 69.4%. Compounding this problem is the fact that nearly 40% of the youth are overweight or obese.

Studies have firmly established that increased fitness and a healthy diet help children learn faster, remember more, think clearer, behave better, and test higher.

The exercise alone, of course, doesn’t make you smarter, but it puts the students in the optimal position to learn. That is why Project Boost provides a homework area, a small library, computers with filtered internet, and student specific tutoring post workout.

At Project Boost we believe we can change lives for the better by giving young men and women the tools to succeed -- good health, a positive attitude towards self improvement, and an enduring work ethic. 

Project Boost

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Brockton, MA